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Service is the rent that you pay for room on this earth.
-Shirley Chisholm

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5 – Facet Philanthropic Programming Platform

Kappa Alpha Lambda Sorority, Inc. prescribes to the belief that it is our civic duty, as leaders of the community, to commit to the task of serving those in need. Therefore, the Sorority has developed a Programming guideline from which all outreach direc!ves are formed.

Civil Equality for ALL LGBT Persons:
We advocate and work toward full civil and legal recognition of same-sex couples, and their resulting families, through marriage, and all legal protections provided to those engaged in said institution. We advocate rights to adopt and custody right to any biological children of LGBT parents.

Diversity & Tolerance Education:
We advocate, and lobby for, informative programs within both the educational and community paradigms that encourage children to be understanding and accepting of all those different from themselves. We also support and sponsor programs that provide a positive and safe network for LGBT youth and children of same-sex parents.

Health Awareness:
We work to fight chronic, genetic, and communicable disease, with specific focus on those primarily affecting women. Our hope is that through education and awareness, we help to bring an end to those diseases that most debilitate our communities.

Economic Empowerment:
We work to improve the economic status of not only Lesbian women, but any socioeconomically disadvantaged groups. We fight the institutional disparities in the pay scale based on gender bias, and encourage all to participate in educated financial planning.

Leadership Preparation & Development: We work toward the perpetua!on of the Kappa lineage through training our Sorors to be effective, dynamic leaders, not only within the Sorority setting, but the LGBT community, and on the global stage. It is our goal, and belief, that Kappa train and develop women who will become the visions of Black lesbian intellectualism, success, and pride.

donation center

The Donation Center is where you can get involved in the charities that Kappa Alpha Lambda Sorority , Inc. support and work for. If you are unable to donate requested items, you can donate funds that we will use to help the community.

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