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2018 Domestic Violence Project

Sisterhood to me is love and loyalty heightened to a level in which some would not understand. Sisterhood means encompassing yourself with passionate, strong and confident women who have your best interest at heart.

-Soror E. Jenkins

Sisterhood is understanding, unconditional and loyal. Sisterhood is being there and knowing when and how to be there. Sisterhood is honest in every way. I am my Sister's Keeper.

-Soror T. Jackson

I would say sisterhood means "Sisterhood to me is having love for women in your life that you will go to war for. Having respect and understanding for one another's likes and differences. Coming together in times of need, celebration, service and just because we sometimes just need someone to be present. Sisterhood is encouraging one another to do better, be better, and want better”.

-Soror C. Mitchell

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